Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's official! Enneagram 6 Prince William engaged

Catherine Elizabeth Middleton finally landed her man. And Prince William is ready to move on from the Will-he-pop-the-question spotlight.

The future princess should distinguish herself from her Waity Katey past with an AFTER look, an adaptation of her current look.

First thing, change the Jemima Goldsmith Khan hair.

Long hair, no matter how luxuriant and glossy, after a certain age is... Miss Haversham.

Evidence: La Bardot, Jemima, Julia Roberts.

Take a tip from Ms Goldsmith... Jemima is differentiating her look from untamed long hair of the time she was married to Imran Khan and while she dated Hugh Grant.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Is Kate Middleton the Daniel Wrestling of Windsors?

What is the new Prince Daniel known for besides the choice of the Bernadotte heiress? A bit of a cypher, he has no stated opinions about anything other than as personal trainer and gym owner. Henri Laborde de Monpezat was a known entity, an accomplished linguist, and a part of the French diplomatic corps with a childhood in French Indochina. Similarly, Claus von Amtra and Philip of Greece came to their crown princesses as men of the world.
An enigma, Prince Daniel has escorted his wife on a whirlwind of engagements both foreign and domestic. Maybe he is a carefully-guarded Enneagram 9? Hopefully the real man will emerge from his "walker" persona soon.
Kate Middleton also is experiencing the Daniel 8-Year Dating Situation. Unless things change - and soon - she will similarly be known as The Partner of, rather than an individual with a life of her own.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The PR genius for the Swedish Royals should be demoted!

Or as Donald Trump puts it, "You're fired."

An unauthorised biography of King Carl Gustaf has sold out in bookstores all over Stockholm. The father of 3 and husband of 34 years to his German-Brazilian consort Silvia was hung out to dry with ill-advised and badly-prepared statements at a press conference by some amateur PR flak.

What is Swedish for "we have nothing to say, nor will we."?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Well, of COURSE they are going to compare William's bride to his mother, Diana...

In this article in the Daily Mail, Ms Parsons says Kate Middleton has Diana's glamour without the neediness and wonders if Kate has Diana's desire to give...

The late Diana got engaged at 19 as a kindergarten teacher... An aristocrat who definitely had money from the paternal Spencer side and the maternal Burke Roche family and no need to work. But her taking on work with children and, it came out later, doing occasional work as a char, showed she was no slacker before meeting and marrying into the Windsors.

Her work ethic will be another point of comparison with whomever William marries.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The King won't go

Rumours have come to life about Albert II abdicating from Belgium. Unlikely... He was the surprise successor to his brother, the childless Baudouin I, when everyone expected that his son Philippe would be the next king.

But the timing was wrong - the shy Enneagram 9ish Philippe was still apprenticing and still a bachelor. Now, Philippe is married to the popular Mathilde, and father of four. He doesn't need to call in the movers to Laeken, as the king is unlikely to shirk his duty during the difficulties of Belgian politics during this recession.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Princess Beatrice survives a car crash... And nary a word of sympathy

If Goldsmith College student princess Beatrice has been convalescing with sympathy, HRH would recover faster. Instead, the elder daughter of Enneagram 7 Sarah Ferguson has garnered scorn for driving her BMW (during a recession), with her bodyguard in the back (expensive trophy security paid by taxpayers) as a student living in a refurbished apartment in St James Palace (refurbished at a cost of a quarter million pounds).

Saturday, October 16, 2010

What is Queen Mary Tudor's enneagram #?

A strong case can be made for One or Six.
As she was not the life of the party, Seven is out.
Nor was Mary, the only surviving child of Henry VIII and Catalina de Aragon, a Three, like her cunning younger half-sister, Elizabeth, a Three.
Although she was clever, Mary was not a collector, which rules out Five.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Britney Spears as Swedish Princess in New York

At a fundraiser in The Big Apple, Queen Silvia of Sweden flew in to support her younger daughter, Princess Madelaine www.noblesseetroyautes.com The willful Enneagram 6 princess is working at her mother's foundation in New York while recovering from her broken engagement to her long-time lawyer boyfriend. His playing the field became public in a tell-all interview by another woman.

In the photos of the princess at the fundraiser, leggy Madelaine is wearing a short green dress. She bears a resemblance to Britney in this pix with The King of Pop in concert in September 2001 http://www.divaa.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/britney-spears-michael-jackson.jpg

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Well-dressed Orleans pere et fils

Prince Henri, Comte de Paris Duc de France, like the Prince of Wales, grow into their looks. At the opening of the exhibition of paintings by his sister, Princess Chantal, Henri cut an elegant figure with a jaunty scarf. Last year at the civil marriage of his middle son and heir, Prince Jean, he was garbed in the dignity of the head of the house. Jean looked properly a dauphin too.

Monday, October 11, 2010

From the Prince's BabyMama to His Royal Princess...

It is rare that a Prince marries his BabyMama (which probably is a reflection of society). Usually she fills his nursery and his private quarters until the prince has to make a suitable public marriage. If she is done right by, the BabyMama gets financial support
to maintain herself and children in comfort like Tamara Rotolo and Nicole Coste. (Prince Albert of Monaco refused to marry his 2 BabyMamas but did provide for his children.)

If her luck had run out, the BabyMama might find herself in the situation of Dorothea Jordon. At the split from the Duke of Clarence, he got the sons and she had custody of the daughters with finances as long as she stayed off the stage. Unfortunately a son-in-law got into money troubles, forcing Mrs Jordan back to work. With the deal breached, the duke got the children and withheld the money. Mrs Jordan ended up living near Paris with limited means.

In 2001, Prince Pedro, the only son of Princess Anne d'Orleans and the Spanish Prince Carlos, HRH the Duke de Calabria, married politician's daughter, Sofia Landaluce y Melgarejo, the BabyMama of his 7 year old son, Jaime, and they had a further 4 children.

Tessy Antony was 20 when she became the BabyMama of 19 year old HRH Prince Louis of Luxembourg. When they later married, he renounced his rights to the grand ducal throne and she became Tessy de Nassau and Countess. After another son and finishing her education in 2009, the ex-military got promoted to HRH Princess Tessy. Louis's paternal uncle, Prince Jean, similarly renounced, married his BabyMama, but he and French juriste Helene Vestur dlivorced.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Royal Mother-in-Law and Enneagram 2 princess: minefield!

Today was the 10th anniversary of the ascension of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg. By his side was his consort, the always cheerful and hardworking Havana-born Grand Duchess. Former Maria Teresa Mestre is very popular in the country as Maria Teresa's place is Numero Uno Lady of the Land. Unfortunately, she did not wear that well in private, feeling undermined by her mother-in-law.

Some of her criticisms are similar to that reported about then Crown Princess Michiko - commoner roots, scandal surrounding her family, not following protocol... This from her born-royal mother-in-law, former HRH Princess Josphine Charlotte of Belgium. Maria Teresa felt ground down. Her husband was reportedly a tower of strength, unlike the weaklings in the article below....

It wasn't until Josephine-Charlotte's death that Maria Teresa felt secure in her place.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Commuter Queens

Queen Sofia of Spain flew Ryanair to the bedside of her brother, Constantine, the former of Greece, and everyone applauded HM's use of the discount carrier.

Not long after that Elizabeth II chartered a Porter Air from Toronto Island airport to Waterloo, Ontario (home of RIM, the Blackberry brains) during her Canadian tour.

In these recessionary days, the Enneagram 9 Elizabeth and 2 Sofia show that being money-conscious is nothing to get excited about.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Could Charles and Diana have eventually become Albert & Paola?

Seeing how well the team of Albert II of the Belgians and his chic Italian Queen Paola work together, it is difficult to believe this couple ever had their share of angst.

Like Charles and Diana, this glamorous couple were headstrong individuals. After the glow of the wedding and children, it appears each discovered they had married very young and want to do a lot of living. Of course this was reputed to a clash of personalities and cultures. Roman aristocrat Paola and the nordic Belgium...

More to follow on this pair of Enneagram 8 and 5...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Venice comes to Paris crazy (Crazy Horse, that is)

The celebrity spouse of the Prince of Venice, heir to the last crown prince of Italy, French star Clotilde Courau headlined at The Crazy Horse in Paris in September.

Although she is a devoted mother to their 2 daughters, the glamorous Clotilde manages to stay in the spotlight in the entertainment industry. For the longest time, she was based in Paris while her husband worked in international finance in Geneva. Sounds like Enneagram 1.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Another Diana who plays by her own rules

In April 2010, a splendid royal party celebrated the 70th birthday of the Duchess of Wurttemberg, a family from whom the UK's Queen Mary is descended abeit morganatically. HRH Princesse Diane de France, a younger daughter of the late Comte et Comtesse de Paris has made her home in Germany since she married at age 20 to Duke Karl. Despite over half a century living there on the Wurttemberg family estates, Duchess Diane has always made up her own rules in life.

Like her distant cousin, Queen Margrethe of Denmark, and other siblings like her brother Henri and sister Chantal, Diane is an artist who makes her other work fit around her talent. .

The duchess is also very outspoken freely telling the press her opinion of Princess Letizia's fatigue with press coverage, her pride in being born in wartime Brazil as a Fille de France and a member of the Orleans, and writing frankly in her autobiography about her issues fitting in with the more sober Wurttembergs. Indeed, when Karl announced her would marry an Orleans his sisters assumed it would be the gentle Princesse Anne, not the fiery Diane!

One could assume the artistic Diane would be an enneagram 4 type. Or type 7 as the world traveller Diane is always out for a good time on a warm beach with friends. Like Fergie, she enjoys life to the fullest however she is not ground down by setbacks. Her drive to stamp her mark in the face of in-laws and on behalf of her art indicate more of an enneagram 8.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Canadian-Italian Kents - The Next Generation

The tabloid press and Tatler are the 21st century's replacement for debutante balls. In the link below is a sneak peek into the launching into society of the Next generation of glamourous Kents, Edward Windsor Baron Downpatrick (heir to father Earl of St Andrews and grandfather The Dukedom of Kent) and his younger sisters Lady Marina (named after her great-grandmother, the elegant Greek Princess Marina) and Lady Amelia.

These three are expected to have no royal duties. Except for the youngest, all are excluded from the line of succession after they converted to their Canadian-Italian mother's Catholicism.

Any guess the name of the future first son of Edward Windsor, Baron Downpatrick? Most likely George...

To continue a pattern like the sovereigns of Denmark, from whom the Kent's descend: Christian - Frederik - Christian...

Edward, Baron Downpatrick;

George Earl of St Andrews;

HRH Prince Edward Duke of Kent;

HRH The Prince George Duke of Kent; (who named his eldest son after his brother, later Edward VIII, and his bon vivant paternal grandfather)

King George V;

King Edward VII;

Queen Victoria;

HRH The Prince Edward Duke of Kent;

King George III


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Can we have a moratorium on the name Sofie/Sophie/Sofia for this generation?

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, La Reina Sofia of Spain is this generation's royal Audrey!

The younger daughter of the Princes of Asturias, Infanta Sofia, is named after her grandmother

In Italy, the wife of Prince Hugo Mariano Windisch-Graetz was born HIH Archduchess Sophie von Hapsburg, a cousin of Queen Sofia.

In the UK, there is enneagram 6 Sophie, HRH the Countess of Wessex (that can be attributed to her parents, the Rhys-Jones couple).

In Liechtenstein, the crown princess is formerly HRH Duchess Sophie of Bavaria.

The Crown Princess's sister, Marie Caroline, is married to Duke Philip of Wurttemberg, (son of Duke Carl and his duchess, born Princess Diane d'Orleans, of the late Count and Countess of Paris) and they have a daughter Sophie. Phillipp's older brother, heir Friedrich, and his wife Princess Marie von Wied, named their younger daughter, Sophie Dorothea.

In Sweden, all hail Princess Sofia, if Prince Carl Phillip makes an honest woman out of Sofia Hellqvist..

And I think that is enough to retire the name for this generation...

And watch out, Louise could be next on the list...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Looking out for Number 2

So Prince Cark Philip was spotted furniture shopping with Sofia Hellqvist. And people think just because his big sister the Crown Princess is now married to her Daniel there is nothing to worry about? Until Daniel and Victoria have offspring, the possibility of a real pinup Queen on the throne is a possibility.

Just as last year there was a good chance of a Queen Chelsey...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

No pants, please!

Royalty used to be reliable to show how one behaves in public. For important public occasions, nothing shows more respect from a lady than to be correctly attired. These days, I am seeing a trend that I would like to see stopped: wearing trousers at an important event.

Click here to see the official pictures of the VIPs at the silver wedding anniversary celebrations of Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia and Crown Princess Katherine, from that great font of royal knowledge, Marlene Koenig: http://royalmusingsblogspotcom.blogspot.com/2010/09/official-photos.html

The only people not in trousers are the Crown Princess Katherine and the Patriarch.

Trousers and trouser suits seem to reign amongst royal women, especially the commoner women who marry princes. Who can forget Mathilde and Letizia's white trousers at their engagements? I don't care if these trousers were Giorgio Armani, for a formal monumentous events in their respective countries, they grated.

Maxima of the Netherlands and Mary of Denmark's ratio of trousers to dresses/skirts is at least low compared to Letizia. In the eyes of those who declared the Princess of Austurias the winner over Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, La Carla might be trying to compete in this visit to the Elysee Palace by Daniel and Victoria of Sweden http://www.noblesseetroyautes.com/nr01/?p=39064

Royals are ceding how to dress right to the WAGS, beauty pageants, First Lady Michelle, and girls-on-the-go The Sex and the City types. Even ex-royal Sarah Ferguson makes an effort to don a dress or skirt at weddings, funerals, and charity dinners. She understands that trousers is definitely D-List.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Running royal women

Two royals on the run make news - jogging enthusiast the Queen of Jordan and Princess Beatrice of York.

Maybe the Queen got a bit of a run in Central Park, during the visit to the UN where King Abdullah II made a speech about the will to continue peace talks. Certainly Queen Rania got to see the inside of a hospital! The Royal court announced she is recovering from a minor heart surgery!

Princess Beatrice might need to give up her Marlboroughs for good as she fought valiantly to complete a charity marathon raising funds for her mother's foundation.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Prince Daniel, the freshest new consort to a future queen

Daniel Wrestling may have travelled to Paris before but this was the first time since his marriage made him HRH Prince Daniel Wrestling-Bernadotte of Sweden, consort of Crown Princess Victoria.

It has been over a century that a commoner national has married an heiress to the throne. A sovereign of the female persuasion is very rare and she usually married another royal like the Brazilian Crown Princess Isabel with a French Orleans prince.

Henry Stewart who married Mary Queen of Scots in 1565 was not an ordinary commoner. As heir to the Earl of Lennox and grandson of Princess Margaret Tudor, he was in the line of succession to England.

Daniel's situation is rather unique. He is a citizen who got into the Princess's inner circle through employment. As he was the Princess's personal trainer, the King and Queen of Sweden needed some convincing that he was up to the job. They may have found their relationship to be too much like another Daniel's - that Princess Stephanie of Monaco's marriage to her bodyguard, Daniel Ducruet,

Here is hoping Prince Daniel gets more comfortable in his role with the support of his new wife!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Is Sarah Ferguson seen as the British Royal Family's Danny Bonaduce?

I believe some of Sarah Ferguson's issues can be attributed to her struggle to be what she is not.

In her official portraits, she is dressed up and posed as a red-haired Grace Kelly. No teeth showing, ethereal, mysterious, private, inaccessible Princess Grace of Monaco.



The real Fergie is readily-accessible raucous earthy woman who lives life out loud - she's Enneagram 7.


Sarah reincarnates the red-head Lucy Ricardo, queen of the sitcom.



A static portrait ill-serves Sarah who is always in motion.

She might find embracing her true nature, and a consistency between her public and private images, as a way to "get on with it".

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Is Prince Harry the 21st century version of Prince George, Duke of Kent?

The British press is agog with the late night appearances of Prince Harry, hitting the town at the hot spots in London.

From the look on his face, he accepts the end of his relationship with Chelsy Davey means freedom from commitment to her. Newly-single, he is ready to not just Play the field, he wants to plough it.

Get ready, the leap-before-he-looks Harry is already making full use of his liberty and may get back into Enneagram 7 mode (remember the costume party in which he wore a German WW II uniform?). Like aunt Sarah Ferguson (Enneagram 7), Harry has his charity too with financial issues. Going back to his grandmother, The Queen's late uncle, Prince George, Duke of Kent, Harry shares a penchant for recreational drugs (the infamous marijuana episode), clubbing, and a liking for exotic women.

Prince Harry has stated an intention to live in Africa - maybe Albert of Monaco's Charlene can play Frederika of Hanover, Queen of the Hellenes in this?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jordan's King Abdullah takes his message of peace outside the box... To the Jon Stewart show

His Majesty has always been a man of the street so it should be no surprise he took his ideas for Middle East peace to the street via the Jon Stewart show.

In the years before his father, the late King Hussein, appointed him crown prince in 1999, Abdullah was known for sipping full from la copa de vida. A real action man, he flew planes, threw himself into his career in the Jordanian military, and genuinely was a good bloke among the troops. He did not marry until his 30s until he got it out of his system and ready to settle down with Rania. He even had a walkon role in a Star Trek The Next Generation episode you can catch on youtube! Word is that Abdullah even hosted a mini-Trek convention in Jordan.

As King, Abdullah has been outted checking out the services of his government in a variety of disguises. Now in New York with Queen Rania, Abdullah II (Enneagram 3?) is constantly searching to reach out. He has found a truly creative way to get your attention!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Inspiration for Princes Harry and William and the women they marry

This generation of young royals can see how this generation of filmmakers view the institution of monarchy. With Colin Firth as George VI, The King's Speech won the People's Choice Award as the most popular film at tIff, the Toronto International Film Festival, they get excellent production values on screen as well.

More importantly, they can see how choice of spouse can make the rest of your life. Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon enhanced her husband. Wallis Simpson (enneagram 7?) helped the man who wasn't comfortable as a monarch find a way out.

Take note, Harry and William...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Three Little Oranges... Like Three Little Danishes?

Prince Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange looks to have an easy-going relationship with his three daughters. After playing the field, he seems to have settled in to a happy marriage with Maxima, his version of the late Princess Ingrid of Sweden, the well-respected consort of the late Frederik of Denmark.

The late king unabashedly enjoyed his home life with his OWN three daughters, Margrethe, Benedikte, and Anne-Marie. In a documentary on Queen Ingrid, her three daughters speak fondly of their peaceful childhood in Denmark. It appears that the king was a wonderful father to all three of his heiresses.

In the delightful photos of Amalia, Alexia, and Ariana, with Alexander at their first real official duty, it appears history may happily repeat itself. Should little Ariana end up like Anne-Marie with a sovereign spouse going into exile, her Enneagream 4ish father and mother Maxima will similarly welcome her back to The Netherlands.

Three Little Oranges... Like Three Little Danishes?

Prince Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange looks to have an easy-going relationship with his three daughters. After playing the field, he seems to have settled in to a happy marriage with Maxima, his version of the late Princess Ingrid of Sweden, the well-respected consort of the late Frederik of Denmark.

The late king unabashedly enjoyed his home life with his OWN three daughters, Margrethe, Benedikte, and Anne-Marie. In a documentary on Queen Ingrid, her three daughters speak fondly of their peaceful childhood in Denmark. It appears that the king was a wonderful father to all three of his heiresses.

In the delightful photos of Amalia, Alexia, and Ariana, with Alexander at their first real official duty, it appears history may happily repeat itself. Should little Ariana end up like Anne-Marie with a sovereign spouse going into exile, her Enneagream 4ish father and mother Maxima will similarly welcome her back to The Netherlands.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Princess Marie of Denmark takes her chic to Rio de Janeiro

Once again the loyal Princess Marie ensures that the spotlight is on the royal couple. In her fashions that do not scream, she is focused on making her adopted country shine, and not grandstanding.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Prince Charles-Philippe will be away for a couple months...

The eldest son of THR le Comte et la Comtesse d'Evreux will be spending a couple months in Club Fed a la francaise.

The very personable Prince Charles-Philippe may be the royal who most exhibits Enneagram 3 behaviour. Not born royal, the raised-in-Spain Charles-Philippe has steadily gained a higher social profile than the male scion of the other sons of the late Comte de Paris and his superb consort, Princesse Isabelle d'Orleans-Braganca. Despite not being made a royal til his 20s, the Prince made up for it. Allied with his uncle, the head of the house, Charles-Philippe was conferred the royal title of Duc d'Anjou.

With this added cache, the Prince has followed with a strong social media presence, conducts goodwill tours, and supports charitable work, including the reconstruction of the Chateau St Cloud. He is probably the first HRH to appear on a reality show - Sarah Ferguson doesn't count...!

Looking better as he gets older (like Prince Pavlos), Charles-Philippe seems genuinely happy as a married man. When Diana Duchess de Cadaval married him in Evora, the romantic wedding in Portugal even made Hello! As ex-military men, the Prince is used to being in uniform so his stay at Club Feb won't be onerous in that respect!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Elena and Anne - two no-nonsense Princesses who share an Enneagram affinity

The Spanish press are agog with comments about Infanta Elena's version of Princess Anne's "Naff Off" to the intrusive media.

Protecting her daughter while on horseback, the equestrienne Infanta made her intentions Muy Clara. Like her British counterpart, the Princess Royal, Elena is a horse woman and divorced with a first-born son and daughter. She goes her own way in terms of fashion as well.

Anne shows definite characteristics of an Eight (Save the Children and other duties that have her a reputation for slogging through work) which is something people see in the Infanta.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

At last, the film world recognizes the Nine king, Bertie, AKA George VI

The King's Speech officially had its big screen launch at The Toronto Film Festival (TIFF) with its stars, Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush, receiving accolades including Oscar buzz.

About time that this shy royal "headlined". Bertie, Duke of York, was often portrayed as a second stringer in popular culture - such as the celebrated mini-series Edward & Mrs Simpson and the one with Jane Seymour as Wallis. Even in Bertie & Elizabeth, he had to share billing. He now gets his due... And this hardworking royal quietly got on with it, in his self-effacing Nine way.

Striving to deal with his speech impediment showed his pattern of grit - as Duke of York, he founded an annual camp to bring boys of all walks of life together, and poured himself into royal duties. Most agree his wisest move entailed recognizing his need for a partner and ally, someone mature who would appreciate his lifestyle. He found his Steve Ballmer in Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. Unlike his grandson Andrew Duke of York, Bertie knew his life partner would not be impressed nor easily daunted by the trappings of royalty nor would her "breath of fresh air" stick out like a sore thumb. His Duchess had the common sense to not give up on his therapy - as charmingly depicted by Helena Botham Carter.

The revisionary look at George VI is enhanced by Colin Firth (BBC's Mr Darcy and from the movie version of Mamma Mia) - fitting choice as the good-looking Bertie once played in Wimbledon. The other actor in this "bromance" is Geoffrey Rush as Australian speech therapist Sir Lionel Logue.

Maybe Elizabeth II, who famously declined to watch Helen Mirren's portrayal of HM in the controversial movie "The Queen", will attend the UK premiere of this take on her father's personal bravery!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Princesses attend the ballet together... And the Spanish press cheer on this show of unity

Princess Letizia wears a Cheshire cat smile, fully aware her perfect makeup and striking blue asymmetric top will look good on the covers of la prensa rosa... Whereas sister-in-law Infanta Elena (Enneagram 6) pastes on her best "ambushed royal" smile with a protective arm around her daughter Vitoria...

Is it true the gossipmongers were tipped of that the rumoured warring Borbon women were attending a ballet voluntarily? Well, you can guess it wasn't by the King and Queen's eldest daughter!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Three royal wedding in Greece

The marriage of the middle son of former King Constantine II and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece struck the right note for the first big royal wedding since the monarchy was deposed. (Princess Olga's wedding on Patmos was much more low-key.)

Determined to more successfully walk the tight-rope between dignity and discretion in the shaky economic and political milieu, Constantine invited royal star power to the incredibly beautiful island of Spetses. Letting the setting be the focus of attention, he masterminded a catwalk of royals to and from the rehearsals, church, and reception. Groom Prince Nikolaos was a bit past his prime (as photos of his hairline over the years would attest) and the media were rewarded for their time in the heat by the lovely bride, Tatiana Blatnik, who wore a stunning gown (not by her employer, Diane von Furstenberg). Maybe the cortege of children attending the bride were garbed in Marie Chantal wear - simply dapper boys in white shirts, cream suites, and Tod's-inspired shoes. The little girls were fit for tea in little smock dresses with white flowers in their hair.

Royal watchers are thrilled with the dress code of these recent weddings (Princess Victoria of Sweden, Prince Nikolaos, Prince Joachim of Denmark) of gowns for the ladies. A great way to break from day separates reminiscent of Ladies That Lunch. Princess Letizia is much more stunning in that pale blue pleated one-shoulder gown than in those white pant suits that cry Hillary Clinton. Empire cut gowns do nothing for Swedish Princess Madeleine and newly-wed Princess Victoria. Strapless made Princess Maxima almost sag-ima though the gown of Princess Marie of Denmark cunningly gave her some lift. Then again, showing everyone how it's done are Prince Pavlos and Marie Chantal, who look younger than when they married 15 years ago!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The late Duke of Parma, Prince Carlos Hugo de Bourbon Parma, to be buried in family crypt in Italy

The ambitious late would-be king of Spain, ex of the wealthy Princess Irene of the Netherlands, and professor, Prince Carlos Hugo de Bourbon, Duke of Parma, lived the life of an Enneagram 3. And he carried the Carlist banner in the decades the throne of Spain was in play.

Until he called it quits, much to the disgust of his brother, Prince Sixte-Henri, whose letter after his brother's death sounded very Enneagram One.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Prince Carl Philip's new squeeze - reality show/glamour model Sofia Hellqvist could become Sweden's Mette Marit

Just before her wedding to Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, single mother Mette Marit Tjessm Hoiby publicly regretted her party-girl past during a television interview. Taking a queue from Norway, perhaps in anticipation of an engagement, Sofia Hellqvist (Enneagram 7?) is quoted as regretting images of her making the rounds.

Should the 25 year old minor celebrity indeed land Sweden's racing/graphic designer bachelor prince at the altar, the Bernadotte royal family at least know everything is already out there! (Rumours of a sex tape plagued Marie Cavallier (Princess Marie of Denmark), though this never surfaced.) A quick search on the Internet will hit upon bikini, snake, (and less) model shots and YouTube for Slitz, a "gentleman's magazine" that you don't need a translation to understand, a stint on the hot-and-heavy Paradise Hotel reality show, and Sofia's comments on a liplock with Jenna Jameson in Las Vegas. (You read that right, it was not Jesse James...)

Sofia has been trying to show a python-less side of her with a humanitarian trip to Africa and trips and events by the side of Sweden's only prince. If it is true that her oat-sowing days are over, she and 31 year old Carl Philip may be an item that lasts longer than his ex, Emma Pernald. She has already met the King and Queen Silvia...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is Obama the 21st century political reincarnation of Elizabeth I?

With the signing of the new Wall Street reform bill, the law of the land overseeing financial institutions and operations, Obama has had to negotiate with many competing stakeholders.

His smoke signals throughout the past two years often mobilized one side or another to action, getting all the issues out there. He never played his entire hand... Neither did he let on during health care reform...

Doesn't this remind you of that wily redhead Tudor, Elizabeth and her Golden Age? She was a renaissance player, indeed. Maybe even a Three.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Toronto's Tourism & Pride Week: Victims of Stephen Harper, Enneagram 8

Does anyone know why Stephen Harper did not plan the G8/G20 summit better? That would have saved Canadian taxpayers the $1 B cost. And preserved 2 weeks of the Toronto summer tourism season.

Our prayers for the people living in downtown Toronto, and the business suffering through the poorly-organized summit, and the police and security forces trying to keep Canadian peace. Our motto is Peace and Good Government - we can use more of the latter!
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chelsy Davy, an 8 with a mind of her own, an example to all smart women

This is a good news story about Chelsy Davy.

Boy meets girl attending boarding school in his country, boy persuades girl to spend more time there, girl goes to law school, girl sees other career paths opening up, girl decides to pursue her professional life elsewhere, girl renders her decision.

Girl puts herself first.

You go, girl!
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

That's TWO bad Fergie videos in 2 weeks

Proof that two wrongs don't make a right for Sarah Ferguson, enneagram 7.

Question Oprah should have asked, "Did you ever give that friend the $38 K?"
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Does Prince Andrew prove to be a Nine?

A hero in the Falkland Islands/Malvinas war, the former Robert Redford of the Royal Family appears to be a wuss when it comes to his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

Sources report his response to her selling access to him as forgiveness, continued lodgings at The Royal Lodge, and his paying off her debts.

Mari complaisant seems to be the theme this weekend as Mr Big similarly overlooks Carrie's Abu Dhabi indiscretion with Aiden on Sex & The City 2.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fergie chainsmokes her 7 in latest headlines

Former Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, exhibits her 7 type in the cash-for-sting video scandal in her brazen chainsmoking.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Princess Margaretha can lend an ear to Princess Madeleine

Another Swedish princess can burn the phone lines to New York - Madeleine's own aunt.

The king's eldest sister had her own problems when she was seriously in love with jazz pianist and writer Robin Douglas-Home, nephew of the future prime minister. They ended up calling it off, and the princess later married and separated from another Briton' John Ambler.

Robin romanced Jacqueline Kennedy as well and married the future Sarah Howard but never have up his penchant for royal women. The late Princess Margaret was his final love.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another Swedish celebrity gets cheated on by her man and this time it is a royal!

Chelsea Davy lookalike, Princess Madeleine Bernadotte of Sweden is doing an Elin by dumping her fiance, lawyer Jonas, after the Scandinavian press unearthed a female Norwegian athlete's story of a one-night stand.

In hopping a plane to New York while the royal court released the official mutual breakup, the princess confirms not being an Ennegram 8.

Is Fergie the Windor's Catherine Howard?

For those of you also catching the final season of Showcase's The Tudors, doesn't Tamzin Merchant remind you of Sarah Ferguson?

If Catherine of Aragon ie wife #1 was an unbending Enneagram 1, party girl Catherine is a giggly #7. In real life, wife #5 actually did think she could get away with cuckolding her husband...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The 'secret' Danish princess who may be a 5

There are currently 5 princesses who are born Danes - Princess Elisabeth, cousin of the three sisters, Queen Margrethe of Denmark, Princess Benedike, and Queen Anne Marie of the Hellenes, and the dignified lady residing in the UK.
Known as HRH The Duchess of Gloucester, the demeure former Birgitte van Deurs, married HRH Prince Richard of Gloucester, the second son of HRH The Prince Henry (third son of George V and Queen Mary) and his aristocratic artist wife and Duke's daughter, Lady Alice Montagu-Douglas-Scott. They planned to live discreetly without the pressure of royal duties until the day Richard became his father's heir. The funloving older son, Prince William, died piloting and the quiet young couple had to give up his architectural career for duty.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sheikha Mozah - a Three in Doha?

Her Highness Mozah Bint Nasser, wife of the Emir of Qatar, is another commoner who married royalty and is transforming the role of women in her country. The gas-rich petroleum exporting Gulf State has been investing in its human capacity with the Sheikha a driving force.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is Albert of Monaco a 5?

The sovereign prince of Monaco gave an interview from his hotel in Vancouver as The Winter Olympics drew to a close. (BTW, the gold-medal winning Canadian Women's hockey team cheered on the men to their victory...) With former champion swimmer Charlene at his side, people are speculating that the bachelor Prince may soon marry.

As you may know, Enneagram 5s won't let convention push them into a decision. Already a father of both a son and daughter out of wedlock, this Prince has resisted pressure for years.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Camilla as a One

Now the Duchess of Cornwall, nee Camilla Shand, and known most of her life as Mrs Parker Bowles, the woman the late Diana Princess of Wales nicknamed The Rottweiller surprisingly exhibits many of the traits of Enneagram #1.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The 9 Lives of Princess Letizia

Like Mette Marit, Princess Letizia of Spain is an example of the Enneagram system's gut centre. Unlike the in-your-face type 8 of the Norwegian crown princess, Letizia is self-effacing, a sign of type 9.

Throughout her life's journey, Letizia, the eldest of three girls of divorced union activist/journalist parents from Asturias, prefers to not get in the way of The Story. A journalist graduate with experience in Mexico and Spain, she gained exposure as a presenter on tv news, anchoring newscasts and reporting from the field. She eschewed the cult of the media personality, maintaining a low profile in her personal life. This approach has been reciprocated by those closest to her, including the ex-husband and family. No beans spilled.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mette Marit - long fight for true love

The final personality type in the Head centre of the Enneagram system resembles Norway's crown princess. Born Mette-Marit Hoilby, this new princess lived through her parents' divorce and state university student subsidies and bursaries and odd jobs to fund a full-out immersion in Oslo's rave party scene. Enneagram type 8 leads life on her own terms.

A single mother by a convicted drug dealer, Mette Marit met and moved in with the crown prince. Only when she was of their relationship, and that she secured the full support of her future in-laws, did Mette Marit consent to marry in 2001. The Eight type doesn't put up with nonsense and will confront, as newscres captured the tonguelashing fearful-flyer Mette Marit gave her husband in disembarking from a plane.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sarah is Seriously Seven

... Enneagram personality type 7.

The former royal duchess, Sarah Ferguson, managed to combine concern for Haiti with Fashion Week in New York, participating on the catwalk and acting as a host for Naomi Campbell's fundraiser.

Not a new stunt for Fergie, a few years ago, she and Princess Beatrice strutted their stuff together.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Enneagram 5 crown princess and her family of 5 cheer on a Dutch gold medal at the Vancouver Winter Olympics

Princess Maxima seems to best represent Enneagram 5 of all the new princesses. Not all 5s are introverts but they are all intelligent and often hoard and hold on to their head centred focus on the rational.

For Maxima, this includes her expertise in the world of finance and economics. Her husband Willem-Alexander and Queen Beatrix fully support how she has channeled her experiences in investment banking into microfinance via the UN as a part of her royal obligations to fly the Dutch flag.

Plus, there was no arguing that the benefits of the strength of personality was part of her appeal - unlike Mary and Marie of Denmark, Maxima retains her Catholicism and Argentinian citizenship. She has stated she is Latin and remains so. The Dutch royal family see Maxima adding to the Firm, capitalizing on her breadth of experience. The contrast between her situation and Crown Princess Masako - as per the official photo taken a few years ago when the Crown princely family visited Masako's father at the Hague while on holiday - could not be more different. (image, Getty)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Loyalty to Claire

Once again comes rumours that Princess Claire is separating from Prince Laurent, the enfant terrible of the royal family of Belgium. And just in time for Valentine's Day too - have the gossips no shame?

Thankfully, the elegant Italian-born Queen Paola had joined her Anglo-Belgian surveyor daughter-in-law, the former Claire Coombs, in yet another public royal event earlier in the week. The 6ish Claire, in the middle of the Enneagram head centre, must appreciate this show of loyalty. Regardless of the veracity of the rumours, the young mother of three has found her in-laws particularly helpful in easing her into royal public life. The Queen knows what it is like to marry the second son, having done the same in the late 50s! King Albert II lived life to the fullest - and fastest! - before unexpectedly succeeding his pious brother, Baudouin I.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Archduchess Sophie von Hapsburg, Princess von Windisch-Graetz, and Prince Hugo bury their younger son, Alexis

The beautiful Sophie and her husband, Mariano Hugo Prinz von Windisch Graetz, who holds a position at the Papal court, saw their teenage son, Alexis buried at the Vatican as per his family custom. RoyalMusings by Marlene features more biographical information about the family, including Sophie - who exhibits traits of the Enneagram 4 like Marie of Denmark.

A descendant of sovereign Greek, Danish, German, Russian royals, Sophie had struck out on her own in Spain, after striking out on a youthful romance with Rome-based Prince Hugo. As a model, a style journalist (probably like Diana de Cadaval, Duchess d'Anjou), and a mainstay in the Marbella scene for a decade, Sophie lived life to the full and with great 4 style. Then in the late 80's, a family death left Sophie in deep mourning. And Prince Hugo, who had by then untangled the financial mess left by his own family, re-entered the scene to provide the comfort she lacked. Older, wiser, he relit the flames. In 1990, Sophie walked down the aisle in Salzburg with a splendid Russian royal tiara securing her veil in a Valentino gown to her Prince. (If you wonder why the wedding gown of Clotilde Courau to her own Italian prince looks similar, perhaps the baby bump had something to do with it...)

Although she stepped back from the social scene in her move to her husband's Palazzo Taverna and raising three children, Sophie continued to occasionally support charity work in Spain. Issues of Hola with her striking blue eyes always draw attention to her efforts and her healthy family. And in a poignant gesture towards others amidst the anxiety for 18 year old Alexis, Sophie, in a genuine 4 going to Enneagram 2 reaction, supported organ donation.

What an admirable act of kindness from a grieving royal family.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why give an inch?

Distinguishing features of the last personality type of the heart centre, the 4, can be seen in Princess Marie of Denmark, both past and present incarnations. Today's Marie is not giving up an inch of her true authentic self. She preserves her distinctions as a chic French woman, despite the former Marie Cavallier having to convert to Lutheran from Roman Catholicism and giving up being a citizen of France when she wed Prince Joachim.

Unlike her 3 type sister-in-law Crown Princess Mary, whose efforts are well-publicized, Marie is doing things the 4 way, her way. "Becoming Princess Marie" is done in sync with her individuality.

She is not racing around trying to impress the Danes. She has made it clear her priority of restoring a harmony that is missing at Schakenborg Castle, creating a happy home with her husband and an appropriate stepmother for his 2 eldest sons. Her learning to speak Danish would be done according to her timeline. She has no interest in comparisons with her husband's ex - former princess-and-now Countess Alexandra who like a type 1, immersed herself to speak Danish fluently to become the perfect and photogenic royal.

Criticisms of non-conformity do not phase a Marie who is sure of her focus. Although the downside of this intense self-focus may lead to over-emotional responses to rejection by loved ones, at this point, Marie is comfortable in her marriage with a prince who is doing everything to not louse up maritally again.

Monday, February 8, 2010

This Mary is never contrary...

Mary, HRH the Crown Princess of Denmark - what you see is what she gives you. She has gradually acquired the professionalism expected of the wife of the heir, the future queen. It is fascinating to track the evolution of the former Mary Donaldson, Tasmanian Australian - she put in plenty of effort to get to where she is. The etiquette course at Starmakers, the clothes now supported by bras, learning Danish... She works hard for the Crown. Characteristic of the 3 Enneagram type, she makes sure you know it.

Another Heart centred personality type, the 3 can connect to people but not as all-consuming as the mother hen 2. This comes through as the 3 Princess Mary is always conscious of her image. A meltdown may have happened in Paris when confronted with an ex of Prince Frederik, but it was NOT in front of the media, unlike Maria Teresa, and thus, not enough to trigger reams of gossip. This agility at modulating emotions keeps the interpersonal connection at a respectful distance.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

fire at Luxembourg's Grand Duchal palace under control

That was a close call, just days to the 30th anniversary of the grand Duchal couple. Grand Duchess Maria Teresa no doubt would have been right there 'mucking out' - over the years showing a predilection towards Enneagram personality type 2.

People can count on The Helper royal to not stand by. Her empathy with others and ease of interaction are characteristic of the Heart centre.

In her efforts to make a difference, however, the 2 risks overextending herself and not receiving sufficient recognition for the work involved. Maria Teresa felt unappreciated and belittled by her mother-in-law - and as 2s sometimes do, her pentup feelings were made public. Unlike the 1, when a 2 releases stress, calm, cool, and collected are trumped by the heart-felt passions and pure emotions of hurt. According to reports, Maria Teresa's talk with local editors came with plenty of tears. The only mitigating factor was her husband's loyalty and support. Perhaps that is due to his fighting hard for them to even get engaged.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Soon - St Valentine's Day

The romantic wedding of Maria Teresa Mestre y Batista-Falla and Henri, the crown prince of Luxembourg, took place on Valentine's Day 1981. Unlike the couple who married a few months later (Charles and Diana), Maria Teresa is happily married. The mother of 5 became the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg when her husband ascended in 2000.

HRH the Grand Duchess exhibits signs of Enneagram personality type 2.

Welcome to the Royalty & Enneagram Type blog

It's time! Welcome to Royalty & Enneagram Type, where I shall be posting on a regular basis how various figures of royalty illustrate aspects of specific types of the Enneagram personality  system. Here are some of the new princesses I have been following - a preview of my upcoming analyses.

Enjoy Royalty & Enneagram Type!



Photo copyrights purepeople, mariefrance and Abaca; Photo of Crown Princess Mary of Denmark by Tim Whitby/Getty Images Europe); MSN.dk/colourpress; The Royal Court of Norway; EPA/ROBIN UTRECHT; Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York - photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images); Philomena de France photo (SIPA, David Nivière); Claire of Belgium (Belga)