Sunday, October 3, 2010

Canadian-Italian Kents - The Next Generation

The tabloid press and Tatler are the 21st century's replacement for debutante balls. In the link below is a sneak peek into the launching into society of the Next generation of glamourous Kents, Edward Windsor Baron Downpatrick (heir to father Earl of St Andrews and grandfather The Dukedom of Kent) and his younger sisters Lady Marina (named after her great-grandmother, the elegant Greek Princess Marina) and Lady Amelia.

These three are expected to have no royal duties. Except for the youngest, all are excluded from the line of succession after they converted to their Canadian-Italian mother's Catholicism.

Any guess the name of the future first son of Edward Windsor, Baron Downpatrick? Most likely George...

To continue a pattern like the sovereigns of Denmark, from whom the Kent's descend: Christian - Frederik - Christian...

Edward, Baron Downpatrick;

George Earl of St Andrews;

HRH Prince Edward Duke of Kent;

HRH The Prince George Duke of Kent; (who named his eldest son after his brother, later Edward VIII, and his bon vivant paternal grandfather)

King George V;

King Edward VII;

Queen Victoria;

HRH The Prince Edward Duke of Kent;

King George III

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