Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Well, of COURSE they are going to compare William's bride to his mother, Diana...

In this article in the Daily Mail, Ms Parsons says Kate Middleton has Diana's glamour without the neediness and wonders if Kate has Diana's desire to give...

The late Diana got engaged at 19 as a kindergarten teacher... An aristocrat who definitely had money from the paternal Spencer side and the maternal Burke Roche family and no need to work. But her taking on work with children and, it came out later, doing occasional work as a char, showed she was no slacker before meeting and marrying into the Windsors.

Her work ethic will be another point of comparison with whomever William marries.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The King won't go

Rumours have come to life about Albert II abdicating from Belgium. Unlikely... He was the surprise successor to his brother, the childless Baudouin I, when everyone expected that his son Philippe would be the next king.

But the timing was wrong - the shy Enneagram 9ish Philippe was still apprenticing and still a bachelor. Now, Philippe is married to the popular Mathilde, and father of four. He doesn't need to call in the movers to Laeken, as the king is unlikely to shirk his duty during the difficulties of Belgian politics during this recession.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Princess Beatrice survives a car crash... And nary a word of sympathy

If Goldsmith College student princess Beatrice has been convalescing with sympathy, HRH would recover faster. Instead, the elder daughter of Enneagram 7 Sarah Ferguson has garnered scorn for driving her BMW (during a recession), with her bodyguard in the back (expensive trophy security paid by taxpayers) as a student living in a refurbished apartment in St James Palace (refurbished at a cost of a quarter million pounds).

Saturday, October 16, 2010

What is Queen Mary Tudor's enneagram #?

A strong case can be made for One or Six.
As she was not the life of the party, Seven is out.
Nor was Mary, the only surviving child of Henry VIII and Catalina de Aragon, a Three, like her cunning younger half-sister, Elizabeth, a Three.
Although she was clever, Mary was not a collector, which rules out Five.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Britney Spears as Swedish Princess in New York

At a fundraiser in The Big Apple, Queen Silvia of Sweden flew in to support her younger daughter, Princess Madelaine The willful Enneagram 6 princess is working at her mother's foundation in New York while recovering from her broken engagement to her long-time lawyer boyfriend. His playing the field became public in a tell-all interview by another woman.

In the photos of the princess at the fundraiser, leggy Madelaine is wearing a short green dress. She bears a resemblance to Britney in this pix with The King of Pop in concert in September 2001

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Well-dressed Orleans pere et fils

Prince Henri, Comte de Paris Duc de France, like the Prince of Wales, grow into their looks. At the opening of the exhibition of paintings by his sister, Princess Chantal, Henri cut an elegant figure with a jaunty scarf. Last year at the civil marriage of his middle son and heir, Prince Jean, he was garbed in the dignity of the head of the house. Jean looked properly a dauphin too.

Monday, October 11, 2010

From the Prince's BabyMama to His Royal Princess...

It is rare that a Prince marries his BabyMama (which probably is a reflection of society). Usually she fills his nursery and his private quarters until the prince has to make a suitable public marriage. If she is done right by, the BabyMama gets financial support
to maintain herself and children in comfort like Tamara Rotolo and Nicole Coste. (Prince Albert of Monaco refused to marry his 2 BabyMamas but did provide for his children.)

If her luck had run out, the BabyMama might find herself in the situation of Dorothea Jordon. At the split from the Duke of Clarence, he got the sons and she had custody of the daughters with finances as long as she stayed off the stage. Unfortunately a son-in-law got into money troubles, forcing Mrs Jordan back to work. With the deal breached, the duke got the children and withheld the money. Mrs Jordan ended up living near Paris with limited means.

In 2001, Prince Pedro, the only son of Princess Anne d'Orleans and the Spanish Prince Carlos, HRH the Duke de Calabria, married politician's daughter, Sofia Landaluce y Melgarejo, the BabyMama of his 7 year old son, Jaime, and they had a further 4 children.

Tessy Antony was 20 when she became the BabyMama of 19 year old HRH Prince Louis of Luxembourg. When they later married, he renounced his rights to the grand ducal throne and she became Tessy de Nassau and Countess. After another son and finishing her education in 2009, the ex-military got promoted to HRH Princess Tessy. Louis's paternal uncle, Prince Jean, similarly renounced, married his BabyMama, but he and French juriste Helene Vestur dlivorced.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Royal Mother-in-Law and Enneagram 2 princess: minefield!

Today was the 10th anniversary of the ascension of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg. By his side was his consort, the always cheerful and hardworking Havana-born Grand Duchess. Former Maria Teresa Mestre is very popular in the country as Maria Teresa's place is Numero Uno Lady of the Land. Unfortunately, she did not wear that well in private, feeling undermined by her mother-in-law.

Some of her criticisms are similar to that reported about then Crown Princess Michiko - commoner roots, scandal surrounding her family, not following protocol... This from her born-royal mother-in-law, former HRH Princess Josphine Charlotte of Belgium. Maria Teresa felt ground down. Her husband was reportedly a tower of strength, unlike the weaklings in the article below....

It wasn't until Josephine-Charlotte's death that Maria Teresa felt secure in her place.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Commuter Queens

Queen Sofia of Spain flew Ryanair to the bedside of her brother, Constantine, the former of Greece, and everyone applauded HM's use of the discount carrier.

Not long after that Elizabeth II chartered a Porter Air from Toronto Island airport to Waterloo, Ontario (home of RIM, the Blackberry brains) during her Canadian tour.

In these recessionary days, the Enneagram 9 Elizabeth and 2 Sofia show that being money-conscious is nothing to get excited about.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Could Charles and Diana have eventually become Albert & Paola?

Seeing how well the team of Albert II of the Belgians and his chic Italian Queen Paola work together, it is difficult to believe this couple ever had their share of angst.

Like Charles and Diana, this glamorous couple were headstrong individuals. After the glow of the wedding and children, it appears each discovered they had married very young and want to do a lot of living. Of course this was reputed to a clash of personalities and cultures. Roman aristocrat Paola and the nordic Belgium...

More to follow on this pair of Enneagram 8 and 5...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Venice comes to Paris crazy (Crazy Horse, that is)

The celebrity spouse of the Prince of Venice, heir to the last crown prince of Italy, French star Clotilde Courau headlined at The Crazy Horse in Paris in September.

Although she is a devoted mother to their 2 daughters, the glamorous Clotilde manages to stay in the spotlight in the entertainment industry. For the longest time, she was based in Paris while her husband worked in international finance in Geneva. Sounds like Enneagram 1.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Another Diana who plays by her own rules

In April 2010, a splendid royal party celebrated the 70th birthday of the Duchess of Wurttemberg, a family from whom the UK's Queen Mary is descended abeit morganatically. HRH Princesse Diane de France, a younger daughter of the late Comte et Comtesse de Paris has made her home in Germany since she married at age 20 to Duke Karl. Despite over half a century living there on the Wurttemberg family estates, Duchess Diane has always made up her own rules in life.

Like her distant cousin, Queen Margrethe of Denmark, and other siblings like her brother Henri and sister Chantal, Diane is an artist who makes her other work fit around her talent. .

The duchess is also very outspoken freely telling the press her opinion of Princess Letizia's fatigue with press coverage, her pride in being born in wartime Brazil as a Fille de France and a member of the Orleans, and writing frankly in her autobiography about her issues fitting in with the more sober Wurttembergs. Indeed, when Karl announced her would marry an Orleans his sisters assumed it would be the gentle Princesse Anne, not the fiery Diane!

One could assume the artistic Diane would be an enneagram 4 type. Or type 7 as the world traveller Diane is always out for a good time on a warm beach with friends. Like Fergie, she enjoys life to the fullest however she is not ground down by setbacks. Her drive to stamp her mark in the face of in-laws and on behalf of her art indicate more of an enneagram 8.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Canadian-Italian Kents - The Next Generation

The tabloid press and Tatler are the 21st century's replacement for debutante balls. In the link below is a sneak peek into the launching into society of the Next generation of glamourous Kents, Edward Windsor Baron Downpatrick (heir to father Earl of St Andrews and grandfather The Dukedom of Kent) and his younger sisters Lady Marina (named after her great-grandmother, the elegant Greek Princess Marina) and Lady Amelia.

These three are expected to have no royal duties. Except for the youngest, all are excluded from the line of succession after they converted to their Canadian-Italian mother's Catholicism.

Any guess the name of the future first son of Edward Windsor, Baron Downpatrick? Most likely George...

To continue a pattern like the sovereigns of Denmark, from whom the Kent's descend: Christian - Frederik - Christian...

Edward, Baron Downpatrick;

George Earl of St Andrews;

HRH Prince Edward Duke of Kent;

HRH The Prince George Duke of Kent; (who named his eldest son after his brother, later Edward VIII, and his bon vivant paternal grandfather)

King George V;

King Edward VII;

Queen Victoria;

HRH The Prince Edward Duke of Kent;

King George III

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Can we have a moratorium on the name Sofie/Sophie/Sofia for this generation?

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, La Reina Sofia of Spain is this generation's royal Audrey!

The younger daughter of the Princes of Asturias, Infanta Sofia, is named after her grandmother

In Italy, the wife of Prince Hugo Mariano Windisch-Graetz was born HIH Archduchess Sophie von Hapsburg, a cousin of Queen Sofia.

In the UK, there is enneagram 6 Sophie, HRH the Countess of Wessex (that can be attributed to her parents, the Rhys-Jones couple).

In Liechtenstein, the crown princess is formerly HRH Duchess Sophie of Bavaria.

The Crown Princess's sister, Marie Caroline, is married to Duke Philip of Wurttemberg, (son of Duke Carl and his duchess, born Princess Diane d'Orleans, of the late Count and Countess of Paris) and they have a daughter Sophie. Phillipp's older brother, heir Friedrich, and his wife Princess Marie von Wied, named their younger daughter, Sophie Dorothea.

In Sweden, all hail Princess Sofia, if Prince Carl Phillip makes an honest woman out of Sofia Hellqvist..

And I think that is enough to retire the name for this generation...

And watch out, Louise could be next on the list...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Looking out for Number 2

So Prince Cark Philip was spotted furniture shopping with Sofia Hellqvist. And people think just because his big sister the Crown Princess is now married to her Daniel there is nothing to worry about? Until Daniel and Victoria have offspring, the possibility of a real pinup Queen on the throne is a possibility.

Just as last year there was a good chance of a Queen Chelsey...