Sunday, April 25, 2010

Princess Margaretha can lend an ear to Princess Madeleine

Another Swedish princess can burn the phone lines to New York - Madeleine's own aunt.

The king's eldest sister had her own problems when she was seriously in love with jazz pianist and writer Robin Douglas-Home, nephew of the future prime minister. They ended up calling it off, and the princess later married and separated from another Briton' John Ambler.

Robin romanced Jacqueline Kennedy as well and married the future Sarah Howard but never have up his penchant for royal women. The late Princess Margaret was his final love.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another Swedish celebrity gets cheated on by her man and this time it is a royal!

Chelsea Davy lookalike, Princess Madeleine Bernadotte of Sweden is doing an Elin by dumping her fiance, lawyer Jonas, after the Scandinavian press unearthed a female Norwegian athlete's story of a one-night stand.

In hopping a plane to New York while the royal court released the official mutual breakup, the princess confirms not being an Ennegram 8.

Is Fergie the Windor's Catherine Howard?

For those of you also catching the final season of Showcase's The Tudors, doesn't Tamzin Merchant remind you of Sarah Ferguson?

If Catherine of Aragon ie wife #1 was an unbending Enneagram 1, party girl Catherine is a giggly #7. In real life, wife #5 actually did think she could get away with cuckolding her husband...