Monday, October 4, 2010

Another Diana who plays by her own rules

In April 2010, a splendid royal party celebrated the 70th birthday of the Duchess of Wurttemberg, a family from whom the UK's Queen Mary is descended abeit morganatically. HRH Princesse Diane de France, a younger daughter of the late Comte et Comtesse de Paris has made her home in Germany since she married at age 20 to Duke Karl. Despite over half a century living there on the Wurttemberg family estates, Duchess Diane has always made up her own rules in life.

Like her distant cousin, Queen Margrethe of Denmark, and other siblings like her brother Henri and sister Chantal, Diane is an artist who makes her other work fit around her talent. .

The duchess is also very outspoken freely telling the press her opinion of Princess Letizia's fatigue with press coverage, her pride in being born in wartime Brazil as a Fille de France and a member of the Orleans, and writing frankly in her autobiography about her issues fitting in with the more sober Wurttembergs. Indeed, when Karl announced her would marry an Orleans his sisters assumed it would be the gentle Princesse Anne, not the fiery Diane!

One could assume the artistic Diane would be an enneagram 4 type. Or type 7 as the world traveller Diane is always out for a good time on a warm beach with friends. Like Fergie, she enjoys life to the fullest however she is not ground down by setbacks. Her drive to stamp her mark in the face of in-laws and on behalf of her art indicate more of an enneagram 8.

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