Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The 9 Lives of Princess Letizia

Like Mette Marit, Princess Letizia of Spain is an example of the Enneagram system's gut centre. Unlike the in-your-face type 8 of the Norwegian crown princess, Letizia is self-effacing, a sign of type 9.

Throughout her life's journey, Letizia, the eldest of three girls of divorced union activist/journalist parents from Asturias, prefers to not get in the way of The Story. A journalist graduate with experience in Mexico and Spain, she gained exposure as a presenter on tv news, anchoring newscasts and reporting from the field. She eschewed the cult of the media personality, maintaining a low profile in her personal life. This approach has been reciprocated by those closest to her, including the ex-husband and family. No beans spilled.

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