Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why give an inch?

Distinguishing features of the last personality type of the heart centre, the 4, can be seen in Princess Marie of Denmark, both past and present incarnations. Today's Marie is not giving up an inch of her true authentic self. She preserves her distinctions as a chic French woman, despite the former Marie Cavallier having to convert to Lutheran from Roman Catholicism and giving up being a citizen of France when she wed Prince Joachim.

Unlike her 3 type sister-in-law Crown Princess Mary, whose efforts are well-publicized, Marie is doing things the 4 way, her way. "Becoming Princess Marie" is done in sync with her individuality.

She is not racing around trying to impress the Danes. She has made it clear her priority of restoring a harmony that is missing at Schakenborg Castle, creating a happy home with her husband and an appropriate stepmother for his 2 eldest sons. Her learning to speak Danish would be done according to her timeline. She has no interest in comparisons with her husband's ex - former princess-and-now Countess Alexandra who like a type 1, immersed herself to speak Danish fluently to become the perfect and photogenic royal.

Criticisms of non-conformity do not phase a Marie who is sure of her focus. Although the downside of this intense self-focus may lead to over-emotional responses to rejection by loved ones, at this point, Marie is comfortable in her marriage with a prince who is doing everything to not louse up maritally again.

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