Monday, February 8, 2010

This Mary is never contrary...

Mary, HRH the Crown Princess of Denmark - what you see is what she gives you. She has gradually acquired the professionalism expected of the wife of the heir, the future queen. It is fascinating to track the evolution of the former Mary Donaldson, Tasmanian Australian - she put in plenty of effort to get to where she is. The etiquette course at Starmakers, the clothes now supported by bras, learning Danish... She works hard for the Crown. Characteristic of the 3 Enneagram type, she makes sure you know it.

Another Heart centred personality type, the 3 can connect to people but not as all-consuming as the mother hen 2. This comes through as the 3 Princess Mary is always conscious of her image. A meltdown may have happened in Paris when confronted with an ex of Prince Frederik, but it was NOT in front of the media, unlike Maria Teresa, and thus, not enough to trigger reams of gossip. This agility at modulating emotions keeps the interpersonal connection at a respectful distance.

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