Monday, February 15, 2010

The Enneagram 5 crown princess and her family of 5 cheer on a Dutch gold medal at the Vancouver Winter Olympics

Princess Maxima seems to best represent Enneagram 5 of all the new princesses. Not all 5s are introverts but they are all intelligent and often hoard and hold on to their head centred focus on the rational.

For Maxima, this includes her expertise in the world of finance and economics. Her husband Willem-Alexander and Queen Beatrix fully support how she has channeled her experiences in investment banking into microfinance via the UN as a part of her royal obligations to fly the Dutch flag.

Plus, there was no arguing that the benefits of the strength of personality was part of her appeal - unlike Mary and Marie of Denmark, Maxima retains her Catholicism and Argentinian citizenship. She has stated she is Latin and remains so. The Dutch royal family see Maxima adding to the Firm, capitalizing on her breadth of experience. The contrast between her situation and Crown Princess Masako - as per the official photo taken a few years ago when the Crown princely family visited Masako's father at the Hague while on holiday - could not be more different. (image, Getty)

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