Sunday, February 7, 2010

fire at Luxembourg's Grand Duchal palace under control

That was a close call, just days to the 30th anniversary of the grand Duchal couple. Grand Duchess Maria Teresa no doubt would have been right there 'mucking out' - over the years showing a predilection towards Enneagram personality type 2.

People can count on The Helper royal to not stand by. Her empathy with others and ease of interaction are characteristic of the Heart centre.

In her efforts to make a difference, however, the 2 risks overextending herself and not receiving sufficient recognition for the work involved. Maria Teresa felt unappreciated and belittled by her mother-in-law - and as 2s sometimes do, her pentup feelings were made public. Unlike the 1, when a 2 releases stress, calm, cool, and collected are trumped by the heart-felt passions and pure emotions of hurt. According to reports, Maria Teresa's talk with local editors came with plenty of tears. The only mitigating factor was her husband's loyalty and support. Perhaps that is due to his fighting hard for them to even get engaged.

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