Thursday, September 30, 2010

No pants, please!

Royalty used to be reliable to show how one behaves in public. For important public occasions, nothing shows more respect from a lady than to be correctly attired. These days, I am seeing a trend that I would like to see stopped: wearing trousers at an important event.

Click here to see the official pictures of the VIPs at the silver wedding anniversary celebrations of Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia and Crown Princess Katherine, from that great font of royal knowledge, Marlene Koenig:

The only people not in trousers are the Crown Princess Katherine and the Patriarch.

Trousers and trouser suits seem to reign amongst royal women, especially the commoner women who marry princes. Who can forget Mathilde and Letizia's white trousers at their engagements? I don't care if these trousers were Giorgio Armani, for a formal monumentous events in their respective countries, they grated.

Maxima of the Netherlands and Mary of Denmark's ratio of trousers to dresses/skirts is at least low compared to Letizia. In the eyes of those who declared the Princess of Austurias the winner over Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, La Carla might be trying to compete in this visit to the Elysee Palace by Daniel and Victoria of Sweden

Royals are ceding how to dress right to the WAGS, beauty pageants, First Lady Michelle, and girls-on-the-go The Sex and the City types. Even ex-royal Sarah Ferguson makes an effort to don a dress or skirt at weddings, funerals, and charity dinners. She understands that trousers is definitely D-List.

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