Sunday, September 26, 2010

Is Prince Harry the 21st century version of Prince George, Duke of Kent?

The British press is agog with the late night appearances of Prince Harry, hitting the town at the hot spots in London.

From the look on his face, he accepts the end of his relationship with Chelsy Davey means freedom from commitment to her. Newly-single, he is ready to not just Play the field, he wants to plough it.

Get ready, the leap-before-he-looks Harry is already making full use of his liberty and may get back into Enneagram 7 mode (remember the costume party in which he wore a German WW II uniform?). Like aunt Sarah Ferguson (Enneagram 7), Harry has his charity too with financial issues. Going back to his grandmother, The Queen's late uncle, Prince George, Duke of Kent, Harry shares a penchant for recreational drugs (the infamous marijuana episode), clubbing, and a liking for exotic women.

Prince Harry has stated an intention to live in Africa - maybe Albert of Monaco's Charlene can play Frederika of Hanover, Queen of the Hellenes in this?

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