Sunday, September 19, 2010

Three Little Oranges... Like Three Little Danishes?

Prince Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange looks to have an easy-going relationship with his three daughters. After playing the field, he seems to have settled in to a happy marriage with Maxima, his version of the late Princess Ingrid of Sweden, the well-respected consort of the late Frederik of Denmark.

The late king unabashedly enjoyed his home life with his OWN three daughters, Margrethe, Benedikte, and Anne-Marie. In a documentary on Queen Ingrid, her three daughters speak fondly of their peaceful childhood in Denmark. It appears that the king was a wonderful father to all three of his heiresses.

In the delightful photos of Amalia, Alexia, and Ariana, with Alexander at their first real official duty, it appears history may happily repeat itself. Should little Ariana end up like Anne-Marie with a sovereign spouse going into exile, her Enneagream 4ish father and mother Maxima will similarly welcome her back to The Netherlands.

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