Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jordan's King Abdullah takes his message of peace outside the box... To the Jon Stewart show

His Majesty has always been a man of the street so it should be no surprise he took his ideas for Middle East peace to the street via the Jon Stewart show.

In the years before his father, the late King Hussein, appointed him crown prince in 1999, Abdullah was known for sipping full from la copa de vida. A real action man, he flew planes, threw himself into his career in the Jordanian military, and genuinely was a good bloke among the troops. He did not marry until his 30s until he got it out of his system and ready to settle down with Rania. He even had a walkon role in a Star Trek The Next Generation episode you can catch on youtube! Word is that Abdullah even hosted a mini-Trek convention in Jordan.

As King, Abdullah has been outted checking out the services of his government in a variety of disguises. Now in New York with Queen Rania, Abdullah II (Enneagram 3?) is constantly searching to reach out. He has found a truly creative way to get your attention!

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