Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Prince Charles-Philippe will be away for a couple months...

The eldest son of THR le Comte et la Comtesse d'Evreux will be spending a couple months in Club Fed a la francaise.

The very personable Prince Charles-Philippe may be the royal who most exhibits Enneagram 3 behaviour. Not born royal, the raised-in-Spain Charles-Philippe has steadily gained a higher social profile than the male scion of the other sons of the late Comte de Paris and his superb consort, Princesse Isabelle d'Orleans-Braganca. Despite not being made a royal til his 20s, the Prince made up for it. Allied with his uncle, the head of the house, Charles-Philippe was conferred the royal title of Duc d'Anjou.

With this added cache, the Prince has followed with a strong social media presence, conducts goodwill tours, and supports charitable work, including the reconstruction of the Chateau St Cloud. He is probably the first HRH to appear on a reality show - Sarah Ferguson doesn't count...!

Looking better as he gets older (like Prince Pavlos), Charles-Philippe seems genuinely happy as a married man. When Diana Duchess de Cadaval married him in Evora, the romantic wedding in Portugal even made Hello! As ex-military men, the Prince is used to being in uniform so his stay at Club Feb won't be onerous in that respect!

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