Sunday, November 7, 2010

Is Kate Middleton the Daniel Wrestling of Windsors?

What is the new Prince Daniel known for besides the choice of the Bernadotte heiress? A bit of a cypher, he has no stated opinions about anything other than as personal trainer and gym owner. Henri Laborde de Monpezat was a known entity, an accomplished linguist, and a part of the French diplomatic corps with a childhood in French Indochina. Similarly, Claus von Amtra and Philip of Greece came to their crown princesses as men of the world.
An enigma, Prince Daniel has escorted his wife on a whirlwind of engagements both foreign and domestic. Maybe he is a carefully-guarded Enneagram 9? Hopefully the real man will emerge from his "walker" persona soon.
Kate Middleton also is experiencing the Daniel 8-Year Dating Situation. Unless things change - and soon - she will similarly be known as The Partner of, rather than an individual with a life of her own.

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