Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Prince Carl Philip's new squeeze - reality show/glamour model Sofia Hellqvist could become Sweden's Mette Marit

Just before her wedding to Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, single mother Mette Marit Tjessm Hoiby publicly regretted her party-girl past during a television interview. Taking a queue from Norway, perhaps in anticipation of an engagement, Sofia Hellqvist (Enneagram 7?) is quoted as regretting images of her making the rounds.

Should the 25 year old minor celebrity indeed land Sweden's racing/graphic designer bachelor prince at the altar, the Bernadotte royal family at least know everything is already out there! (Rumours of a sex tape plagued Marie Cavallier (Princess Marie of Denmark), though this never surfaced.) A quick search on the Internet will hit upon bikini, snake, (and less) model shots and YouTube for Slitz, a "gentleman's magazine" that you don't need a translation to understand, a stint on the hot-and-heavy Paradise Hotel reality show, and Sofia's comments on a liplock with Jenna Jameson in Las Vegas. (You read that right, it was not Jesse James...)

Sofia has been trying to show a python-less side of her with a humanitarian trip to Africa and trips and events by the side of Sweden's only prince. If it is true that her oat-sowing days are over, she and 31 year old Carl Philip may be an item that lasts longer than his ex, Emma Pernald. She has already met the King and Queen Silvia...

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