Saturday, November 3, 2012

Duchess Catherine - Enneagram type

After the publication of the nude photos of Prince William's wife, it is becoming clearer that Duchess Catherine - more famously known as Kate Middleton - is showing signs of Enneagram 6 with a 7 wing.

She has set her mind to loyally fit into the royal family. This is how she finds security.

Her 7 wing however pops up when she feels an impending loss. For example, this was how she turned Prince William's view of her from another chum at St Andrew's University to someone he could date:

Note that it was a safe unveiling, a university charity fashion show. One cannot be called skanky when wearing this Charlotte Todd dress for fundraising, Kate justified in her mind.

The pattern of Kate selectively showing skin all revolves around security and loss. In 2007 when Prince William dumped her, she set about getting him back using this modus operandi. First, she kept discreet, saying nothing and not showing her emotions. This was coupled with keeping her cell accessible to her errant swain. But not sitting by the phone, instead going out to hotspots in skintight miniskirts that were close to flashing what he was missing.

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