Friday, May 4, 2012

Chen Guangcheng - Brat?

Let's see, this guy gets into the US embassy in Beijing and says he wants to stay in China...

My question: If you want to stay in your homeland, why venture into American territory?

After six days, during which Mr Chen talked to his wife and supporters, and the two most powerful countries of their respective continents burn up prep time for impending economic talks to negotiate a deal for this dissident, he smilingly leaves US embassy grounds.

A few days later, Mr Chen flipflops and says now he wants to leave the PRC on Hilliary Clinton's plane.

He expects US taxpayers who have underwater homes to happily pick up the tab for his flipflop. He is annoyed the US did not give him staff after departing the embassy. Who does he think he is? Sounds like he has caught the Oprah complex.

Reason for the flip: he fears for his safety.

(is that MAYBE why he crashed Ambassador Gary Locke's embassy grounds in the first place?)

Now NYU has offered him a fellowship as a facesaving way out for both countries.

China obviously thinks Mr Chen is too much trouble to keep around and hopes inviting him to leave is a page from Castro's boat people strategy.

Now that Mr Chen has secured his ticket to ride, he told The Washington Post his previous comments painting the US embassy and ambassador as uncaring were Misunderstood. Keep up that mea culpas. Westerners do not do ingratitude. And you have much to be grateful for - a second chance.

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