Thursday, February 7, 2013

Duchess Catherine's takes off... again

The actions of Duchess Catherine belie her reputation for timidity with the press. When even Tom Sykes, an unabashed fan of the Cambridges, questions the timing of another vacation in the dead of winter during the economic crisis and the paucity of royal duties... He comes very close to saying her pregnancy is very convenient an excuse from royal duties and conveniently not too severe to prohibit a trans-Atlantic flight to the paradise island of Mustique.

Instead of timidity, Duchess Catherine is acting with impunity (enneagram 7 wing) because her husband is with her 109%. 

His actions on their collective behalf appeal to her Enneagram 6 type. He is her Security, her place to fall. As long as they are a united team, 
the Cambridges will continue to work their way, the amount they wish, regardless of fair comparisons drawn up by the always insightful Marlene Koenig 

In many ways, a pity.

Hope they end up as good a credit as Haakon and Mette-Marit instead of Nicholas and Alexandra...

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