Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pippa Middleton + George, Earl Percy = Ross + Rachel

While studying at the University of Edinburgh, Pippa Middleton + George, Earl Percy lived together with Lord Ted Innes Kerr
Enneagram 7 Pippa later dated a slew of eligible men but always went back to George
About 18 months ago, Pippa started dating Alex Loudon.
At the wedding of her sister Kate Middleton to Prince William, Pippa was alleged to be cosy with Prince Harry.
Then Pippa was spotted the rest of the spring with George Percy at tennis, dinner, and on holiday in Madrid.
Boyfriend Alex took exception and demanded a "break".
Pippa and Alex reconciled.
In late September, Pippa and Alex attended a social function where George and Pippa danced passionately on the dance floor.
A few days later, close friends told the press Alex gave Pippa the key to his place on her birthday. Shortly after that came rumours Alex querying about buying Pippa a huge engagement ring.
Then out of left field came news that she called it quits. And she sought solace with sister Duchess Catherine and William.
Over the following weekend, close friends say it was Alex who broke her heart by ending it and that his side never saw her as wife material.
Returning to London was Pippa with George from a weekend at his family castle.
Fergawdsakes, people, enough of the yo-yo-ing. You ain't the cast of Friends.

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