Saturday, November 5, 2011

Crown Princess Mary hosts Duchess Catherine - The Lady and The Starlet

In elegant minimalist style, Crown Princess Mary joined her husband, Frederik, in welcoming the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Copenhagen to examine African famine relief efforts.Mary had her own tip-to-toe red and over the top accessories moment earlier on in her public life and has ceded the Starmaker outfits to the newbie on the block, 29 year old Duchess Catherine.

The Duchess could not have chosen a better role model than the mother of 4 Australian Princess Mary, who has been preparing to be the future Queen of Denmark for almost a decade.

And learning Danish at the same time!
In comparing the photos of Mary's learning curve, the 39 year old Crown Princess no longer gives overly-enthused, wide toothed-Hollywood-camera grins on her duties. Instead, her confidence has allowed her to give elegantly restrained smiles. Her attention is on the work of famine relief, and did not want the publicity of the Cambridge visit to overshadow those humanitarian efforts.

Enneagram 3 Crown Princess Mary and Enneagram 6 Duchess Catherine - may we see more of them together.

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