Monday, June 27, 2011

Finding Sarah an Enneagram 7 (part 3 of the OWN series)

In this episode of Oprah's Finding Sara is a classic Enneagram 7 quotation of Sarah Ferguson. Here is the quotation:

"I can't get over the stupidity of me. The first person to say it was my father-in-law (Prince Philip). He said, "for such a smart woman, why does she behave in such an idiotic way?"

Enneagram 7s have this innate ability with words and actions to turn adversity into opportunity. In this example, notice...
1) Father-in-law - Prince Philip is her EX father-in-law

2) "He said..." - Heresay. Since Sarah herself earlier said she keeps her distance (which is easy as the senior Windsors have made no attempt since at least May 2010 to socialize with her), the alleged comment by Philip is heresay.

3) "For such a smart woman..." - Ahhhhh, to attribute a compliment from the curmudgeon is sleekly done!

Double points for you, Sarah, to slide into viewers' perception that you are smart and that the senior royal male believes you are too.

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